Our Uni Tube® Tube Conveyors are second to none when it comes to quality and durability. Made in the USA, our conveyors provide long-lasting performance while offering gentle handling for many materials that are susceptible to impact damage. Maximize your productivity with the most reliable and innovative machines on the market.

Uni Tube® Tube Conveyors make loading and unloading bins, trucks, and trailers a breeze. We offer a variety of tail and length options that are specifically designed to meet your needs. Check out our list below to find the tube conveyor that best suits your needs.


Tail Styles


Short Field Loader® 

The Short Field Loader® provides the best support for bin unloading with a low clearance tail that’s shorter than our Field Loader, so this unit fits more easily into tight spaces.

Short Field Loader


Field Loader 

Our Field Loader best suits your needs when you need a longer reach with low clearance such as when you’re unloading hopper bottom trucks or bins.

Field Loader


Self-Propel Option 

Our Self-Propel Field Loaders feature the long reach and low clearance that you need in a Field Loader, but are completely self-contained and fully hydraulic. Easily maneuver and drive your Field Loader across a field or under your bins without breaking a sweat.

Field Loader Self-Propel


Standard Tube Conveyor

Our standard Tube Conveyor features the standard collapsible hopper and is perfect for loading bins, trucks, and /or trailers.

Standard Tube Conveyor


Whole Grain System® 

Are you looking to unload and pile your grain quickly? The Whole Grain System® integrates a 2200 Series Drive Over to quickly unload your trucks with a 2275, 2285, or 2295 Standard Tube Conveyor. This system is perfect for piling or loading your bins quickly and efficiently.

Whole Grain System®


Drive Over

Get your grain trucks back to the field quicker with our Drive Over Conveyors. Our Drive Overs save you time with easy positioning and optional hydraulic controls to raise and lower the hopper for better containment of product.

Drive Over


Universal Transfers 

Our Low Profile Transfer Conveyor and Uni Filler are perfect for fitting into tight spaces with easy maneuverability, and offer quick and efficient unloading.



Custom Solutions 

  • UnderBin
  • Pit Conveyor